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Looks like it's not just my friends who want to hang out with me

Welcome to the humble brag zone

- x.nikita.x

I’m starting a small e-commerce business and have been so intimidated by how much information is out there! Glad I stumbled on to this podcast! I love how relatable and raw the content is. I have only just started listening but I was glad to hear how it relates to the Australian e-commerce space. It’s helpful listening to international business owners also but for me starting out, finding someone who has started from the same market as I am has been very comforting.

"Love this podcast!!!"

- michellejo7nson

Chelsea is easy to listen to and clear with her ideas. So much fun to hear about what you’ve been doing! Looking forward to listening more.

"Personal and educational"


E-commerce business owners, Chelsea is literally your go-to! This podcast is going to seriously allow you to level the F up!!

"Epic value! Chelsea knows her stuff! "

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tell me more,Chelsea

Dropping out of my dream course (Bachelor of Marketing and Media) at University was something I never expected to do. I knew it wasn't the place for me. I learn best by getting practical, hands on experience - which is why I chose to work in a marketing position that would allow me to learn on the job.

3 years down the track? I've worked at Mogrify, a leading B2B marketing agency for 2 years, finished my Marketing and Communications diploma, worked with SBJ Studios as their Senior Strategist while simultaneously building up my own business, invested in a whole lot of training - and now? Work full-time on my own social media marketing business with a range of e-commerce clients that inspire me every single day.  

Hi, I'm Chelsea.

I believe in making social media simple, fun and authentic for eCommerce businesses,

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