Invest in Facebook and Instagram advertising and discover the incredible return on investment!

Build real results on your socials and make sales.

Full funnel campaign setup and setup of multiple ads/adsets

Audience profiling and targeting + creation of custom and lookalike audiences

Ad copywriting and placement optimisation across Instagram and Facebook

Choose from ongoing optimisation and monthly reports, or a once off setup that includes a 30 minute video call taking you through what I have setup.

I have seen incredible results from my clients Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns (like turning 1k into 100k #humblebrag), and don’t worry I’m not totally biased - they are stoked with the results too! I have fallen in love with paid advertising and really enjoy being able to offer this as a service, whether that’s alongside organic social media content or separately.

No matter what your objective is - whether it’s conversions, leads, more engagement, event responses, or more followers - I will work with you to create a winning strategy, and implement that strategy through a range of funnels and audiences.

Don’t be scared of paid advertising! I have a feeling you’ll fall in love with it just as much as I have.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

E-Commerce Full Funnel Campaign - Results from a 3 day sales period

97.11 Return on ad spend
$125,900 in revenue from $1296 ad spend
266 purchases
$4.87 per purchase

Choose from my Facebook Ads Management package, or my Facebook Ad Setup in a Day:

Starting from $950 + GST

25.47 Return on ad spend
$37,513 in revenue from $1498 ad spend
69 purchases

E-Commerce Full Funnel Campaign - Consistent testing and optimising

Choose from my full Facebook Ads Management package, or my Facebook Ad Setup:

Starting from $850 + GST

E-Commerce Lead Generation Campaign - Email list sign ups

Choose from my full Facebook Ads Management package, or my Facebook Ad Setup:

25.47 Return on ad spend
$37,513 in revenue from $1498 ad spend
69 purchases

Starting from $850 + GST

Sarah Spence, Wedding umbrellas australia

Chelsea has helped take my business from bumbling-along ecommerce store to flourishing online retailer. Her insights into Facebook Ads and her ongoing analysis of my results has transformed the way I do things online. She's a digital native, extremely fast, very accountable and a pleasure to deal with.


Chelsea is so amazing at what she does! She's helped my business flourish with social media management and very high returning Facebook Ads. Highly recommend her and her services! She's quick and so easy to work with.


Not only has Chelsea taken my burden of what to post & when on my socials , but has far surpassed expectations with creative input. And the monthly reporting is something I’ve long been after. Recently she’s taken over my fb ads & early signs are awesome. Thank you so much!


Chelsea is amazing. She jumped straight into my Facebook ads and has achieved incredible results from the very first month. Nothing is ever too much bother and I can’t imagine letting anyone else have full creative power and control of funds for ads. She is unbelievable and an essential part of operations for The New Devine. I can’t speak highly enough of this amazing young woman. I’m so very pleased we met.

Natalie Reynolds, dimple and dot

Chelsea is an absolute pleasure to work with! From our first initial contact to creating my Facebook ads, Chelsea asked all the right questions, got to know my business and worked WITH me to create ads that are going to perform for my small business. I would absolutely recommend Blossom Media to any business looking to grow and am super grateful to have found Chelsea.

Jo Lehndorf, love skin oils

Chelsea was wonderful as the Facebook Ads Manager for my business. She was responsible for creating, launching and optimising our Facebook Ads. She was methodical and considered in all her actions, to ensure the most profitable outcomes, without wasting spend unnecessarily.  I would definitely recommend Chelsea to help you set up and manage your Facebook Ads.


I recently had a 1 on 1 coaching session with Chelsea on Marketing. I was so blown away by the all of information that she gave me in regards to the specific marketing I needed help with! Chels has even been a huge help afterwards with any clarifications that I have needed! I highly recommend Blossom Media and this amazing woman. Her kindness and patience is truly appreciated!


Chelsea has been a delight to work with and she gets our business. What we used to manage in-house we know have Chelsea manage for us. She has delivered strong results and having the peace of mind our FB ad campaigns are in good hands means we can focus on other parts of our business. Would definitely recommend Chelsea to other businesses looking to setup or hand-over their FB advertising. Keep up the great work!


Could not be happier with Chelsea’s service and professionalism.

She is clear and concise and makes the overwhelming task of social media feel manageable. She’s actually shifted my angst into excitement and that’s a testament to her.


Cannot speak highly enough of Chelsea from Blossom Media- what a superstar! The Facebook ads Chelsea set up for my business were performing so well within just days, it was actually shocking. I’m so thrilled and my only regret is not starting sooner. Chelsea did things with Facebook ads that I would not be able to navigate in a million years, she knows her stuff. If you are thinking about doing some Facebook advertising, I would not hesitate in recommending Blossom Media 1000% !!!


If you are reading this trying to figure out if you should hire Chelsea or try and learn how to set up ads yourself, hire Chelsea. I was able to focus my time and energy on things I can't outsource while Chelsea setup ads for me, and that was honestly one of the most valuable things about this experience for me. She did things with ads that would have taken me months to learn or figure out with trial and error. 
100% recommend her services.

kind words.